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E-Jobs Solutions


Online job posting:
Enable employers to advertise jobs online and it is an avenue where candidates apply for online jobs immediately. It has consisted of two key components i.e., Post the Jobs & Find the Desired candidates.
Featured Modules:

  • Student Registration
  • Corporate Registration
  • Drop in Career
  • Internship
  • Current Job Apply

Internship System:
The objective of the module is to enhance students' employability and transferable skills through work experience and critical reflection. The importance of work experience cannot be stressed enough.  Students that understand the world of work, understand their own skills and can translate that into a compelling proposition are much more likely to be successful in the jobs market. Students are required to identify a mentor within the workplace.
Career Doctor:
To empower graduate/postgraduate students to enhance their marketability by providing resources and individualized training and to foster lasting relationships with employers, assist them in finding the most competent staff.
Concerns with the digital learning process considering track training effectiveness like training with knowledge management reduce time away from the job, makes learning available anytime, anywhere, reduces learning costs, and ensures on-demand class.
Concerns with automation of recruitment process considering relieved from the ‘burden’ of recruitment, focuses on strategic value and ‘retention’, improved quality of hiring, reduced cost-per-hire, and streamlined recruitment processes.
Concerns with offering various professional training of its local and global strategic partners and affiliated institutions.
Concerns with performance enhancement of an individual by increase capabilities into the workplace to handle the situation that hasn’t seen before and ensures competent employees to comply with their day-to-day work.
Provides the services of leverage workforce of the organization through recruitment outsourcing and bridging with a talent pool of potential candidates for future smart employment.
Provides the services of online advertisement, E-mail & SMS marketing for your company to educate mass people about your organization and its products & services. It has consisted of two key components i.e., Online Advertisement and E-mail & SMS marketing.

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