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Daffodil Software Ltd. (DSL) is the brainchild of Daffodil Family to fulfill the exact demand of application software for existing and potential market and to accomplish the Corporate Sector needs. DSL can be renamed as the “Power to Achieve” an intelligent tool to which helps our customer to know its customer, foresee the future of business and modeling. Clients from home and abroad are gaining business value from our products and services. DSL is run by an expert management team who are certified by International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB). Our software products are implemented, tested and documented following international standard and compliances.
We pay effort in three sectors- software supply, software lifecycle management and infrastructure solutions. We strive to deliver technical support, information and problem-solving advice of real value to our clients. DSL also offers project consultancy, system integration, application services, software supports, data entry and call center solution to all level of customers.

What We Do?

  • Provide best services to their customer
  • See the future of their business/services
  • Anticipate the opportunity
  • To Grow their business/expand the opportunity

Service We Offer

  • Software Customization
  • Data Migration & Porting Solutions
  • 24/7 Technical Support by our knowledgeable and professional technical staff
  • Timely effective and consistent technical support and efficient experience
  • Sample Training in different approached. Training is given by top-notch experts online or lives on site
  • Software testing service by certified tester from ISTQB
  • Comprehensive Consulting services for new and existing partners
  • By Implementing software our consultant ensures maximum outcomes of your investment at Daffodil Software Limited
  • Graphics Design, Multimedia, Animation
  • E-learning, Google, Module
  • Internet TV, Internet Radio
  • Software Testing Service
  • Smart Card Solution
  • Expertise of Social Media Marketing
  • Google Ad words Analysis
  • Web & E-commerce Development
  • All kind of documentation expert
  • Dedicated Export Team
  • Search Engine Optimization

Why Us?

  • IT/ITES business experience both in Govt. & Private Sectors
  • Over 100+ projects implemented successfully
  • We use up-to-date Technology
  • Customized Functionalities to fit your business needs
  • Enabling Integrated data Solution and MIS reporting
  • Secured application and database technology
  • User friendly interface and environment by WEB based solutions but desktop based feel
  • Provide efficient solutions in competitive price
  • Global Presence and Partnerships

Our Contribution
We help to create an emerging economy with techno-savvy manpower and create jobs to solve unemployment. Besides, we contributed in the following way:

  • Fulfilling the software demand local and International market
  • Fresh Graduates are doing internship and finding jobs
  • Creating job places for peoples at different age
  • Inspiring young generation to become freelancer
  • Students are getting way to earn while a study
  • Developing professionals and creating jobs
  • Helping in earning foreign remittance

Technologies We Use
DSL has gained extensive experience with a wide variety of languages, platforms, and tools. We are able to rapidly “come up to speed” on existing projects. The following lists just a few of the languages, platforms, and tools with which we have experience:

  • Programming Languages: Java, C#, C++, C, and more
  • Server Side Scripting Language: Python, PHP, JSP, ASP
  • Front-end Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, AngularJS, Karma, Jasmin, Protractor, Grunt, Glup, NPM, and more
  • Web Server: IIS, Apache, Tomcat, Jetty, Glassfish, and more
  • Other Servers: Mail Server: Postfix, Sendmail, Apache James
  • Mobile Apps Technology: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, SQLite
  • Frameworks: Spring-Core, Spring MVC, Spring-Security, Spring-Data, Spring AOP, Hibernate ORM, Entity Framework, QueryDSL, Servlet, Velocity, Apache tiles, JSTL, Thymeleaf, Log4j, SLF4J, Jackson, Apache Camel, ActiveMQ, Laravel, .Net, LINQ, and more
  • Testing Tools: Selenium, JUnit, JMeter
  • Software test Management Tools: Mantis
  • Project Management Framework and Tools: PMP, MS Project
  • Software Model Designing Tools: MS Visio, Visual Paradigm               
  • Reporting Frameworks and Tools: Jasper Reports, Crystal Reports, Apache POI
  • Scrum Software Development Methodology and Tool: Agile, iceScrum
  • Cloud Computing Platform: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Heroku, Azure
  • Database Engines & APIs: Oracle, MSSQL server, Postgresql,  MySQL, ODBC, JDBC
  • Data Transportation Structure: XML, Json and more
  • Version Control System: Git, TFS