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One Card Solutions


Twenty-first-century innovation is bringing automation and a chance to improve security and value added services to the campus. Smart ID cards features such as radio frequency identification (RFID) and education campuses can realize a wide range of benefits such as tightening security, streamlining admission, improving paid services, leveraging technology, improving the quality of learning, simplifying administrative tasks, innovative solutions that automate facilities and streamline campus services. Our solutions is mentioned below:

  • Electronic deal for Car Parking, Gym, Meal, Canteen, Beverages, Bookstores, Stationery Items, Laundry etc.
  • Photocopy, Scanning and Printing Services
  • Entrance and Exit Tracking
  • Access Control for Campus, Buildings, Rooms, Library, Gym and Specific Areas
  • Tighten Physical Security and Facility Access
  • Car Parking Management System
  • Gym Management System
  • Value Added Services by Mobile Apps
  • Streamline Library Management System

Electronic Payment for Car Parking, Gym, Meal, Canteen, Beverages, Bookstores….

While on campus, students not only fill their minds, but also their stomachs. Students can load their cards with credit amount using recharging kiosk, allowing them to use their IDs like a debit card at kiosk in Car Parking, Gym, Meal, Canteen, Beverages, Bookstores, Stationery Items, and Laundry etc.

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Printing Scanning & Photocopy self-service System

Minimize print and copy management costs by 1Card System.  1Card users can pay for on-campus Scanning, Photocopy and printing and other services without the hassle of searching for coins, or using a secondary card or account devoted just for printing.

The self-service print & copy system fulfils various requirements, the ID identification and fees collection are accomplished via Smart ID Card.

Student Entrance-exit tracking

RFID-enabled smart cards present the optimal solution of Student Entrance-exit tracking in campus using UHF tags and readers. Campuses can improve dormitory safety, secure etc. With RFID-enabled smart ID card personalization and integration of digital photo identification solutions.


Car Parking Management System::
RFID Smart card vehicle access management system conducts vehicle access control and parking and charging management by using Smart card as information carrier. Card reader can automatically validate cardholder’s identity to determine whether let the vehicle pass through or whether hold it up so as to charge parking fees and take photos to file.


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Tighten Physical Security and Facility Access

Physical Security and Facility Access of Student, Staff and Visitor Management is very impotent. Security is more than just ensuring that visitors casually check in at the campus/office. Protecting students is becoming increasingly important. Other than hire enough security guards to police every facility and access point. Throughout the nation, many colleges and universities use visitor management systems to improve security and protect students against unauthorized visitors and people posing as students. Campus security departments must know who is on the campus at all times. The first step is to strictly enforce visitor sign in, and issue them a temporary RFID-enabled ID smart card that affords track and trace technologies.
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Access Control for Campus, Buildings, Rooms, Library, Gym and Specific Areas

RFID-enabled smart cards present the optimal solution for not only visitor management, but access control for all people, campus-wide. Issuing a smart ID card to all faculty, students, staff, and visitors allows security departments to control who has access to what, where, and when. Campuses can improve dormitory safety, secure labs with high-value equipment, and ensure research departments performing specialized projects only provide access to those with the right credentials. Optimally, Institutes can integrate their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with the ID card system. Doing so provides a single point of management for allowing or denying physical access to students attending classes in different buildings.
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SMS Notifications and Photo Identification Service.

RFID-enabled smart cards present the optimal solution of SMS notifications and Photo Identification services to parents according entrance and exit in institute. Campuses can improve dormitory safety, secure etc.

Gym Management System:
RFID Smart card Gym management systems manage membership, Gym access control and charging management by using Smart card.

Streamline Library Management System using Smart Card

Today, more and more libraries are adopting RFID as it streamlines workflow in the area of self service, book issues, book returns, shelf, and inventory management etc. RFID System will facilitate fastest, easiest, most efficient way to track, locate & manage library materials.
Figure: Work flow of RFID based Library Management System                              

 Value added Services using Mobile Apps
Using Smart ID Card and Mobile apps that allow students, parents and university staff to consult user information and perform operations on this solution using mobile terminals. Compatible with all mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, etc.).
1-Card Mobile is a unique, mobile-based technology that enables campus administrators to offer students a single point of access to campus life. 1-Card Mobile can:
Provide a secure payment system for campus services, goods and activities provide a virtual id card give students access to events, buildings, libraries, and other campus facilities using pin codes, passwords and geo-fencing.

Laundry Management

Much like vending, offering 1-Card as a payment method in your laundry facilities provides a greater convenience to your students, reduces cash handling, and gives you greater visibility into laundry revenue.

Mobile Authenticate

The Mobile Authenticate application combines the versatility and flexibility of mobile devices with the power of DCL's 1-Card System to provide enhanced 1-Card transactions.  This application allows for campus personnel to accept 1-Card for various functions such as activity privilege, meal plan, financial debit transactions, deposits, and student information display all from iOS or Android devices via Wi-Fi or mobile broadband.

Features of Mobile Authenticate include:

  • 1-Card  Debit Transactions
  • Activity Privilege Verification
  • Meal Plan Acceptance
  • Financial Deposits
  • 1-Card  Mobile Acceptance
  • Card Holder Photo Display
  • Manual Account Entry
  • Enabled For Approved Magnetic Stripe And Contactless
  • Card Readers
  • E-Mail Or Printed Receipt

 Personnel & Asset Tracking
Colleges and universities have many viable reasons to track people, equipment and other resources. Tracking applications can include campus assets, textbooks, computers, and much more. You can also track visitors, vendors, and volunteers for campus events and offsite activities.

Activities & Event Management

Keep your activities and events running efficiently and manage your recreation facilities easily with DCL's 1-Card Activities and Events Management System.

Activities and Events Management allows you to control who has access to events and facilities, reserve and rent equipment, define and control memberships, manage who can utilize various campus services, run campus voting and sell tickets to events.

With Activities and Events Management you can:

  • Reduce event logistic hassles.
  • Preset the total number of attendees allowed at an event and whether they can bring guests.
  • Control entry to events and facilities for those that are allowed entry,
  •  Manage memberships to recreation facilities for individuals or families.
  • Reserve and/or rent athletic, computer, or audio/visual equipment throughout campus.
  • Receive data on who is attending events to assist with marketing efforts.
  • Manage on-line assigned ticket sales to students and
  • Community members for campus venues including
  • Utilize one consistent database for all 1-card related functions.
  • Verify activity privilege through mobile applications.

 Self-service top-up 
Self-service top-up machine (kiosk) for its valued subscribers from where smart card users can top-up by depositing cash to the machine. all bank notes of BDT 10, BDT 20, BDT 50, BDT 100, BDT 50, BDT 100, BDT 500 and BDT 1000 are accepted in the kiosk