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Internet TV Solution


Internet Television(also known as web TV, net TV, IP TV, streaming Video, online TV, webcasting, live TV) is an audio-visual service transmitted via the Internet and also broadcasting on the Internet.


We Provide Following Services for Internet TV -

  • Prepare full installation design and diagram
  • System Design and configuration
  • Set Audio Visual Standards
  • Select Hardware (Live Streaming solution, Encoders, cameras, Switcher,
  • Audio devices, Portable streaming, bandwidth, and related equipment)
  • Provide customize software with client requirement if needed
  • System Integration and design
  • Testing, commissioning and Go Live
  • VOD implementation
  • Internet TV website design
  • App for Internet TV
  • Step by step documentation and guideline
  • Web integration with code
  • Player Integration with various transcoding
  • Social Media Integration
  • Training
  • 24/7 Support & service