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School ERP


Our Solution for School & College
School ERP is the first end-to-end, next-generation education management software solution that will directly empower your institution to deliver on institutional growth, boost student success, deliver research excellence and improve institutional effectiveness. It can enhance productivity and communication for users campus-wide. With the industry’s most comprehensive set of features and future-ready technology, standard major workflow in schooling, from student recruiting and retention to talent attraction and management.

Academic Info

  • Education Board,
  • Edexcel, Cambridge etc.
  • Curriculum,
  • Routine Management

Student Info

  • Student’s personal info,
  • Disability-Food-Medicine
  • Restriction-Allergies-Picker info.

Student Transport

  • Avail Transport
  • Transport Payment

Examination and Result

  • Marks Entry
  • Grade Sheet
  • Report Card
  • Co-scholastics Activities


  • Student Admission/Readmission into a class

Students Accounts

  • Student Payment Collection,
  • Daily/Date wise/Head wise
  • Collection Report


  • Scholarship,
  • Tuition Waiver

Financial Accounts

  • Chart of Accounts,
  • Payment-Receive Journal Voucher,
  • Balance Sheet,
  • Trial Balance
  • Income and Expense

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