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Payroll and Income Tax


Taxation & Payroll System is a fascinating solution for those, who emphasize on peace of mind, as well as want toadopt technological acceleration. The software is designed with a focus to address the need for any kinds of business. The installation of software is easy and hassle free. It is a web based application, can run from anywhere in the world. It is an integrated System that minimize time, cost, effort, confusion and pain of manual work.


  • Up-to-date calculations and automatic regulatory updates
  • Prior- and current-year tax calculations help you effectively manage audits, adjustments, and back-taxengagements
  • Automatically retrieving time and attendance data for payroll processing
  • Calculating pay (including gross-to-net)
  • Generating direct deposit files, pay checks, and direct deposit advices for BD banks, which is great forlarge enterprise organizations
  • Run payroll online from anywhere, as often as you like at no additional charge
  • Accurate Payroll and Tax Calculations
  • Unlimited users
  • Secure, anywhere, anytime Web access
  • Save reports as text, spreadsheet, or PDF file

Payroll and Income Tax

  • Allowance and Deduction
  • Bonus
  • Pay Scale Setup
  • Payroll Configuration for Employee
  • Salary Setup
  • Generate Salary Sheet
  • Disbursement and Print Out
  • Pay Slip
  • Pay Slip Pending and Approve List
  • Arrear Salary
  • Salary OB


  • Employee Card Mapping
  • Holiday Setup
  • In Out Information
  • Schedule Information
  • Schedule Operation mapping
  • Report
  • Attendance Live View
  • Generate Monthly Attendance Report
  • Manually Attendance Entry Form
  • Device Info
  • Dump Attendance Log Data to DB


  • Leave info
  • Leave category
  • Pending and Approve List
  • Leave Report

PMIS (Personnel Management Information System)

  • Person Type
  • Person Information
  • Employee Information


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